Exhibit 23.1


Consent of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm


We consent to the incorporation by reference in the Registration Statements on Form S‑8 (File No. 333‑44500, File No. 333‑136828, File No. 333‑151504, File No. 333‑166495, File No. 333‑173793, File No. 333‑217652 and File No. 333‑237947) and Form S‑3 (File No. 333‑264533) of Clearfield, Inc. of our report dated November 23, 2022, relating to the consolidated financial statements, which appears in this annual report on Form 10‑K for the year ended September 30, 2022.


/s/ Baker Tilly US, LLP


Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 23, 2022