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Note 5 - Revenue

Note 5 - Revenue
3 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
Notes to Financial Statements  
Revenue from Contract with Customer [Text Block]

Note 5. Revenue


Revenue Recognition


Net sales include products and shipping and handling charges. Revenue is measured as the amount of consideration the Company expects to receive in exchange for transferring products. All revenue is recognized when the Company satisfies its performance obligations under the contract. The Company recognizes revenue by transferring the promised products to the customer, with substantially all revenue recognized at the point in time the customer obtains control of the products. The Company recognizes revenue for shipping and handling charges at the time the products are delivered to or picked up by the customer. The majority of the Company’s contracts have a single performance obligation and are short term in nature. Sales taxes and value added taxes in foreign jurisdictions that are collected from customers and remitted to governmental authorities are accounted for on a net basis and therefore are excluded from net sales.


Disaggregation of Revenue


The Company allocates sales from external customers to geographic areas based on the location to which the product is transported. Sales outside the United States are principally to countries in the Caribbean, Canada, Central and South America.


Revenues related to the following geographic areas were as follows for the three months ended:



Three Months Ended December 31,


(In thousands)






United States

  $ 49,118     $ 26,032  

All other countries

    1,991       1,060  

Total Net Sales

  $ 51,109     $ 27,092  


The Company manufactures and sells a proprietary product line designed for the Broadband Service Provider marketplace. In addition, the Company’s Legacy business provides build-to-print services for original equipment manufacturers requiring copper and fiber cable assemblies built to their specification.


The percentages of our sales by markets were as follows for the three months ended:



Three Months Ended December 31,






Broadband service providers

    99 %     98 %

Legacy customers

    1 %     2 %

Total Net Sales

    100 %     100 %


Broadband Service Providers are made up of Community Broadband, which includes local and regional telecom companies, utilities, municipalities and alternative carriers, multiple system operators (“MSO’s, or Cable TV”), which are also referred to as Tier 2 and Tier 3 customers; National Carriers, which includes large national and global wireline and wireless providers also referred to as Tier 1’s; and International customers.


Accounts Receivable


Credit is extended based on the evaluation of a customer’s financial condition, and collateral is generally not required. Accounts that are outstanding longer than the contractual payment terms are considered past due. The Company writes off accounts receivable when they become uncollectible; payments subsequently received on such receivables are credited to the allowance for doubtful accounts. As of both December 31, 2021 and September 30, 2021, the balance in the allowance for doubtful accounts was $79,000.


See Note 7, “Major Customer Concentration” for further information regarding accounts receivable and net sales.